Kelly Baloyi is a South African activist for the Youth of South Africa.

Youth Day is a day of recognition for the students who protested against the Bantu Education system.

To Kelly, Youth Day represents the power and the ability young people have to bring about change within their communities, their societies and their country as a whole. In every revolution, the youth is always at the forefront and are heavily involved in bringing about those powerful changes. Young people need to know how powerful they are when they stand together.

There are many organizations and people, like Kelly, who are doing what they can to bring about awareness and yet there are still not enough young people who know their full potential. This has become evident in the ways young people get involved in drugs and alcohol as this is where they prove that they are not aware of their capabilities to do better, to be better. Many youths who are aware of their full potential tend to lack the confidence to act on that potential, on what they are capable of doing, to build a better future, a better country.

     Kelly is using her full potential as a young person in South Africa to speak, to inspire and to encourage her fellow young people to be bold enough and brave enough to fight for a better future. She chose to commemorate Youth Day by speaking at events in which she was able to not only inspire the youth but also to educate them on their importance and their value in their communities.

Kelly’s voice may be young but it has reached plenty of people. To her, all that matters is the mark she leaves on their souls. The ability to motivate those around her to better themselves and to be great and by extension, better their communities is what drives Kelly. Whether she makes a lasting impact on one person or thousands, her determination to make our world a better place for future generation knows no limits.

Kelly has no intention of slowing down. She has affected many people but there is still plenty of work to be done. Having young people respond positively to her message is liberating as it inspires her to do more, influencing even more people. Her ability to change the perspectives of the youth on what they believe success to be by showing them that her gift of encouraging people, like them, just by speaking can make a difference. The idea of what success truly is can and has been misinterpreted by the youth of today. Kelly believes that success can be described as using everything inside of you to the best of your ability. Bearing that in mind, success is different for each and every individual. Success is not limited to any one thing. Success is limitless as long as you are able to make a goal, work that goal and achieve it. To Kelly, her goal was to change the outlooks of the young people and in doing so, she has become successful.

The size of the audience will never change her message. Young people need to know who they are and they need to know the power they hold within them. They need to use that power to build a society and to bring a change. The Youth of today need to stand together and fight against corruption, against drugs, against alcohol, against poverty, against social issues that are being faced. Young people need to be made aware that this is the society that they live in and a society that they will have to lead one day. They will play major roles in policy implementations against all of these issues. As future leaders, the young people need to be a part of the talks for the future but they need to open to learning from the past, acknowledging what has happened and using that knowledge to shape a better future, to build on the experiences of the past.

Youth day speaks for itself. We need to carry on the fight that has been passed on to us from those who fought before us. It is important to keep fighting. Youth day stands as a reminder that we need to be involved in political issues that involve us, we need to be allowed to make statements and voice our opinions on things that concern us, so that together, we can be the change.

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